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Liquid Hand Sanitizer VS Gel Hand Sanitizer;

Which is Best During COVID-19?

Hand Sanitizer by Sani Life Solutions

During the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing is clear, Hand Sanitizer is our first best weapon against the virus.  There are many varieties and brands of Hand Sanitizer out there, so as it becomes more readily available, which is best and why?  We now know that liquid hand sanitizing products are superior to washing hands with soap.  What is more useful in a multi-user situation, Gel or Liquid?

What is the Difference Between Gel and Liquid Hand Sanitizer?

Hand Sanitizer by Sani Life Solutions

Whether or not you value substance over function, the difference between liquid and gel is clear, and with hand sanitizer, liquid is the clear winner.  Scientists will tell you both forms are equally as effective as long as the hands are fully covered and exploited to remove all possible germs and viruses.  The problem with applications by masses of people in a public setting is that it is human nature to rub hands together and maybe vigorously rub to make hand sanitizer evaporate that much quicker.  The advantage falls to liquid on both of these fronts, for one thing, liquid dissipates much quicker and does not have a “gooey” feeling on hands.

But most importantly, with something like the coved 19 viruses, you must clean between fingers and under fingernails, which takes special attention, humans in a hurry most likely will not provide.  Gel, much like soap will stay where it is rubbed, so the all-important under the fingernail area is often missed.  Liquid hand sanitizer flows freely and automatically enters the area under the fingernails without extra effort, then quickly sterilizes the area and evaporates.

SaniLife hand sanitizer

CDC Recommendations are to use a hand sanitizer with no lower than 60% ethanol content, but preferably use one with an even higher content than to allow for evaporation lowering the content %.

National and International Studies on the reactions and functionality and effectiveness of liquid vs gel sanitizer on humans have noted ”liquid disinfectant hand sanitizer can be faster acting” the study goes so far as to say liquid hand sanitizers are effective in an average of 15 seconds whereas gel hand sanitizer was noted to require up to 30 seconds of application and manipulation to fully eliminate viral or bacterial content on the hands.   The study also points out that the gel is slower to dry and may leave a residue on the skin, additives meant to moisturize or condition the hands that many find unpleasant and therefore tend to use the product less than they optimally should.  The study also finds that many gel brands have multiple additives that have nothing to do with the actual sanitizing process and may adversely affect users with particular allergies.

Another advantage of liquid hand sanitizer is its ability to be dispensed in a spray bottle, thus allowing users to sanitize areas frequently touched by the public.  With Gel this is impossible since spray application is impractical and almost impossible.  Spray application can also be used in general cleaning applications to additionally sanitize some high traffic areas.

SaniLife hand sanitizer

SaniLife Hand Sanitizer is made from the fewest all-natural ingredients possible to avoid allergic reactions to the Polymer solutions found in competing brands.  SaniLife is CDC and WHO compliant. A cost-effective solution to many situations and liquid allowing it to be used both in hand sanitizer dispensers and in spray dispensers to sanitize areas.  SaniLife Hand Sanitizers are simply the best product on the market at the best price and available to be shipped today.

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